101 Things to Do with Zucchini (101 Things to Do With...)

by Cyndi Duncan

Paper Book, 2007


Call number

Vegetables, Roots -- DUN

Call number

Vegetables, Roots -- DUN


Gibbs Smith (2007), Spiral-bound, 128 pages


Cooking & Food. Nonfiction. HTML: Grilled, pickled, stuffed, sauced, or hidden in cake‚??recipes for the ultimate versatile vegetable! Finally, a solution to the age-old question posed every summer as we stare down at our prolific zucchini plants: "What can I make with all of this zucchini?" 101 Things to Do with Zucchini features recipes for familiar comfort foods such as breads and soups, along with creative, clever little gems for appetizers and desserts. This collection includes such delicious recipes as: ¬∑ Toasty Zucchini Bruschetta ¬∑ Zucchini Sushi ¬∑ Lemon Shrimp and Zucchini Fettucini ¬∑ Creamy Zucchini and Carrot Soup ¬∑ Zucchini Drop Cookies, and m

Physical description

128 p.; 7.16 inches

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