The Instant Cook

by Donna Hay

Hardcover, 2005


Call number

Series -- HAY

Call number

Series -- HAY



Fourth Estate (2005), Hardcover, 192 pages


Showcasing fuss-free recipes, Donna's trademark modern photography and styling - plus her tips on how to get the best results out of whatever you're making - this is the book to turn to when asked "what's for dinner?". Whether you need to whip up busy midweek fare for a famished family or present something chic and easy for a casual weekend dinner with friends - time is on your side with Donna Hay's moreish collection of over 190 inspiring recipes. Donna gives her readers the knowhow and confidence to create great meals that are filling and substantial at short notice: soup; salads; pasta; rice and noodles; chicken; meat; fish and seafood; vegetables; sweets. Each chapter also includes a new feature, in which Donna shows you one essential sauce or dish with three very clever twists for you to then create three very fresh and original meals.… (more)

Physical description

192 p.; 11.96 inches

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