The Best American Recipes 2004-2005: The Year's Top Picks from Books, Magazines, Newspapers, and the Internet

by Fran McCullough

Hardcover, 2004


Call number

American -- MCC

Call number

American -- MCC


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (2004), Edition: Book Club, Hardcover, 320 pages


You love to cook, and you're always looking for great new recipes. But who on earth has time to search out the very best recipes among the thousands in the latest food magazines, new cookbooks, food-related Web sites, and local and national newspapers? Now two seasoned professionals have done all the work for you. Acclaimed by reviewers from the New York Times to People as the only collection of its kind, The Best American Recipes offers a dazzlingly diverse selection. To create this year's edition -- the most exciting ever -- Fran McCullough and Molly Stevens combed through hundreds of sources, from the most talked about to the most obscure, tracking down thousands of recipes. They thoroughly home-tested each dish so you can be sure that every one is foolproof. Variety is the key. You'll find inspiration for every meal and every occasion, with rediscovered classics as well as brilliantly simple dishes from the nation's top chefs. The more than 150 recipes include * a terrific starter you can make in minutes: Minted Pea Soup, from the British cooking sensation Jamie Oliver * an elegant breakfast: Baked Eggs in Maple Toast Cups, from a small Vermont food company * a quick weeknight supper: Chicken Saltimbocca, from a supermarket flyer * a fresh and versatile vegetarian main dish that's great for a party: Cremini Mushrooms with Chive Pasta, from a celebrated New York chef * a truly memorable holiday side dish: Mashed Potatoes with Sage and White Cheddar Cheese, from a major food magazine * the perfect snack: Chunky Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Chocolate Chipsters, from a soon-to-be-published cookbook by a baking expert Every recipe comes with tips and suggestions from the editors' home kitchens, which expand your cooking and serving options and give you sterling results the first time, every time.… (more)

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320 p.; 10.16 inches

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