The Prairie Table Cookbook

by Kurtis

Hardcover, 2007


Call number

American - Midwest -- KUR

Call number

American - Midwest -- KUR


Sourcebooks, Inc. (2007), Hardcover, 160 pages


The Prairie Table Cookbook blends comforting rancher food recipes with a fascinating look at life and food on the historic cattle trails and cowboys of the 19th century. There's a prairie fire sweeping across America, one that comes from the people looking for more natural, healthy, and harmonious ways to eat meat from the land. Tallgrass Beef represents a return to "classic" ranching, and produces meat that consistently tastes better and is better for you than grain-fed. The Prairie Table Cookbook will immerse readers in the cowboy's world with delicious recipes to sustain any hungry family or famished cowboy. From hearty chilli to Texas Beef tips, scrumptious sourdough biscuits and corn fritters, these modern and classic recipes show range from simple homesteader to the more adventurous modern chef, and include contributions from celebrity chefs such as Charlie Trotter and Rick Baylis. Accompanied by anecdotes, letters and photographs from the heyday of the Kansas cattle trade, this cookbook will be a staple for any American looking to eat a better kind of beef around a cozy dinner table or glowing campfire.… (more)

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