Emeril's New New Orleans Cooking

by Emeril Lagasse

Hardcover, 1993


Call number

American - Cajun, Creole -- LAG

Call number

American - Cajun, Creole -- LAG


William Morrow Cookbooks (1993), Edition: 1, Hardcover, 368 pages


Emeril Lagasse fuses the rich traditions of Creole cookery with the best of America's regional cuisines and adds a vibrant new palette of tastes, ingredients, and styles. The heavy sauces, the long-cooked roux, and the smothered foods that were the heart of old-style New Orleans cooking have been replaced by simple fresh ingredients and easy cooking techniques with a light touch. Emeril serves up a masterpiece in his first cookbook, Emeril's New New Orleans Cooking. Emeril offers not only hundred of easy-to-prepare recipes, but plenty of professional tips, shortcuts, and useful information about stocking your own New Orleans pantry and making your own seasonings.

Physical description

368 p.; 10.34 inches

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