Kathy Casey's Northwest Table: Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Southern Alaska

by Kathy Casey

Hardcover, 2006


Call number

American - Pacific Northwest -- CAS

Call number

American - Pacific Northwest -- CAS


Chronicle Books (2006), Hardcover, 232 pages


Kathy Casey, beloved expert on Northwest cuisine, shares more than 100 it-doesn't-get-more-delicious-than-this recipes for everything from cocktails all the way to desserts. Lambert cherry mojitos waft the fragrance of fresh mint. A Tillamook cheddar spread made with Oregon's famous cheese is spiked with locally brewed ale. Dungeness crab cakes are topped with a vibrant slaw. Wild Alaskan salmon is crowned with herb-tossed rings of Walla Walla sweet onions. And desserts like ButtermilkPanna Cotta with Cascade Berries make the end of the meal as special as the beginning. These recipescoupled here with fascinating stories of Kathy's Northwest culinary adventuresare inspired by the diverse cultural heritage of the region: modern favorites, cherished recipes passed from generation to generation, Pacific Rim and Native American influences, as well as its natural bounty blend the traditional and the contemporary in a delightfully modern cuisine. Add to that gorgeous photographs showing off the culinary landscape,Kathy Casey's Northwest Table is not only distinctive, it's downright delicious.… (more)


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232 p.; 9.6 inches

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