Southwest: The Beautiful Cookbook

by Barbara P. Fenzl

Hardcover, 1994


Call number

American - Southwest -- FEN

Call number

American - Southwest -- FEN


Beautiful Cookbooks (1994), Edition: 1st Ed., Hardcover, 240 pages


Southwest the Beautiful Cookbook explores a cuisine as diverse as the terrain and the people who settled there. The region's culinary originality derives from a historic union of native American, European and Mexican cultures, each contributing its own distinctive cooking traditions to produce what we know today as Southwestern fare. This cuisine is sumptuously presented in Southwest the Beautiful Cookbook with more than 200 recipes illustrated with stunning full-color photography. Noted Pheonix-based cooking teacher and food writer Barbara Pool Fenzl has gathered recipes that combine innovative techniques and dynamic food combinations with historic methods and ethnic contibutions to produce dishes as vibrant and exciting as the Southwest itself; shellfish tamales with ancho cream, quail salad with pumpkin seeds, sopiapillas and jalape#65533;o chutney and so much more. Complementing the recipe chapters are informative essays by noted author and Southwest enthusiast Norman Kolpas, along with glorious photography that bring this wonderful region to life on the printed page. The people, geography, and history of the area are skillfully portrayed in scenic photography and richly anecdotal text. Home to such awe-inspiring natural wonders as the Grand Canyon, Arches National Park, Mesa Verde and the Sonoran Desert, this region is a land of austere beauty, rich culture and a uniquecuisine that is very much alive in this gorgeous addition to the Beautiful Cookbook#65533; series.… (more)

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240 p.; 14.25 inches

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