Jane Butel's Quick and Easy Southwestern Cookbook

by Jane Butel

Hardcover, 1999


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American - Southwest -- BUT

Call number

American - Southwest -- BUT


Harmony (1999), Edition: 1, Hardcover, 256 pages


When it comes to Southwestern cuisine, no one can hold a candle to the innovative and simply delicious style of best-selling author Jane Butel, one of the most renowned cooks in her field. In these pages, she has created more than one hundred intensely flavorful recipes that take the worry and work out of cooking authentic Southwestern cuisine. And because you can never be too thin, too healthy, or have too much extra time on your hands, each of these mouthwatering recipes is low-fat, healthful, and quick and easy.      Jane Butel's Quick and Easy Southwestern Cookbookis a completely contemporary collection of recipes that makes creating a variety of fabulous dishes easier than ever. Give in to the lure of Shrimp with Mint Mango Salsa, Quick Corn and Green Chile Chowder, and Grilled Lobster Tail with Lemon Cucumber Salsa. Jane Butel lends her signature style to these mouthwatering dishes and more--Black Bean and Goat Cheese Chalupitas, Grilled Squash Medley with Herbs, Chipotle and Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Green Chile Cheese Rice, Grilled Lamb with Soft Tacos, and a Spicy Hot Chocolate Mousse that will have your guests in a state of ecstacy.      Sound elaborate? These delectable recipes are easy to prepare, often requiring no more than five or six easy-to-find ingredients per dish and taking only twenty minutes to cook. Each recipe contains extensive nutritional information, as well as timesaving ideas, meal planning, and fat-reduction tips. A special entertaining section includes suggested menus for everything from a New Year's Eve party to a Fourth of July fiesta to an All Saints' Day dinner.      The superb flavors and subtle delight of Southwestern cooking continue to make it grow in popularity, and Jane Butel is at the forefront of innovative and simply delicious ways to make this wonderful cuisine a big part of your culinary life.… (more)

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