B. Smith Cooks Southern-Style

by Barbara Smith

Hardcover, 2009


Call number

American - Southern -- SMI

Call number

American - Southern -- SMI


Scribner (2009), Hardcover, 336 pages


InB. Smith's Southern Cooking A-Z, she explores the rich and diverse cuisines of the American South--from Cajun to creole, Soul food to "New Southern." Laced with engaging anecdotes about culture and history, Smith's recipes equal parts instructive and entertaining. Hers isn't a cookbook for elaborate dinner parties or calorie counters, but rather a guide for those unafraid to smoke a pig and toss back a few sliders. From Smith's mouthwatering catfish fingers to her Jambalaya, her Kentucky Burgoo, and the entertaining stories she tells while teaching you her tricks, B. Smith's Southern Cooking A-Z will show even the most skeptical reader why the Wall Street Journal has hailed her as "One of the most formidable rivals of Martha Stewart."

Physical description

336 p.; 9.42 inches

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