The American Heart Association Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol Cookbook

by American Heart Association

Paperback, 2002


Call number

Healthy, Low-fat -- AME

Call number

Healthy, Low-fat -- AME


Ballantine Books (2002), Mass Market Paperback, 403 pages


Eating well is essential to living well. This becomes ever more apparent as scientists continue to unravel the connection between the food we eat and our health. Choosing healthful food can be complicated, however, especially in a world of fad diets and conflicting reports. This third edition of theamerican heart association low-fat, low-cholesterol cookbookhelps you sort through the confusion and gives you information you can trust—plus recipes you will love. Taste and variety abound in this collection of good-for-you recipes. From Smoked Salmon Dip with Cucumber and Herbs to Chocolate Custard Cake with Raspberries, theamerican heart association low-fat, low-cholesterol cookbookoffers more than 200 easy-to-prepare dishes—including 50 exciting new recipes. The accompanying nutritional analyses will help you create meals that are sensible, healthful, and absolutely delicious. This bestselling volume is also an invaluable resource for information on heart health. The completely revised text gives you an updated perspective on how diet and exercise contribute to your well-being. It explains how cholesterol affects the body, offers critical facts about “good” and “bad” cholesterol, provides tips for preparing heart-healthy foods, and much more. Discover how easy it is to avoid excess saturated fat and cholesterol while enjoying mouthwatering foods. With this book in your kitchen, you can take charge of your diet and love every bite along the way.… (more)

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