Le Cordon Bleu: Classic Light: Sophisticated Food for Healthy Living

by Jeni Wright

Hardcover, 2000


Call number

Healthy, Low-fat -- WRI

Call number

Healthy, Low-fat -- WRI


Cassell (2000), Hardcover, 192 pages


Health-conscious gourmets don't have to choose between a healthy feast and an elegant one. A mouthwatering collection of easy-to-prepare recipes, created at the renowned culinary arts institute, Le Cordon Bleu, shows how to cut down on unhealthy foods while enjoying the satisfaction of fine dining. These master chefs offer easy-to-prepare meals with high-quality ingredients. Try the soups and starters like Gazpacho or Spiced Prawn and Squid Skewers. Then sample the Fish and Shellfish chapter that features Mackerel with Peanuts and Chilies; Salmon Fish Cakes with Lemon and Dill; and Clam and Black Bean Salad. For a meat or poultry-based meal, select from the Chicken with Sage and Lemon on Papillote; Slow Cooked Lamb; and Fillet Steaks with Mushrooms and Red Wine. And, that doesn't even include the great salads and desserts Each dish tastes so good and looks so stunning--and to think they're all good for you… (more)

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192 p.; 10.7 inches
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