The Food Substitutions Bible: More than 5,000 Substitutions for Ingredients, Equipment and Techniques

by David Joachim

Paperback, 2005


Call number

Sourcebook/Handbook -- JOA

Call number

Sourcebook/Handbook -- JOA


Robert Rose (2005), Paperback, 621 pages


Cooks need information on how to substitute ingredients -- often in a hurry. This expanded, updated and revised edition of the IACP-award-winning reference puts even more useful cooking information at the fingertips of home cooks. This reissue is perfectly timed as the perfect companion to the new, second edition of The Cook's Essential Kitchen Dictionary. This comprehensive, easy-to-use guide is organized from A to Z, with thousands of alternatives that can quickly and easily solve on-the-spot cooking dilemmas. Whether a substitute for a key ingredient or utensil, or simply how to create a different flavor or texture, there is a wealth of fresh and enjoyable ideas that will inspire confidence in the kitchen. This Second Edition is 25 percent bigger, with 1,500 new substitutions, 5 new ingredient guides and measurement tables, expanded entries and reference material plus 50 new recipes. When a cook is caught in a pinch, these valuable tips are very handy: No powdered mustard? Substitute 1 tsp (5 mL) powdered mustard with 1 tbsp (15 mL) prepared mustard minus 1 tsp (5 mL) liquid from the recipe. No Bialy? Just substitute an onion or plain bagel (thicker) or 1 soft pretzel. This book is practical and enjoyable as a reference, and will inspire fresh ideas with all the crucial information needed to improvise with confidence at home or in a commercial kitchen.… (more)

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621 p.; 9.2 inches

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