In the Hands of a Chef: The Professional Chef's Guide to Essential Kitchen Tools (Culinary Institute of America)

by The Culinary Institute of America

Paperback, 2007


Call number

Sourcebook/Handbook -- CUL

Call number

Sourcebook/Handbook -- CUL


Wiley (2007), Paperback, 176 pages


"A precise carrot julienne ... A perfect basil chiffonade ... A neatly quartered chicken ... Proficiency with knives and other kitchen tools is essential if you want to perfect your culinary artistry. Written by the experts at The Culinary Institute of America, this indispensable guide delivers all the information you need to assemble a knife kit, build your knife skills, and use a wide range of additional tools, from peelers and pitters to Parisienne scoops and pastry bags. Featuring Instructional photographs throughout plus insights and tips from top professional chefs."--BOOK JACKET.

Physical description

176 p.; 8.05 inches

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