French Cheeses: The Visual Guide to More Than 350 Cheeses from Every Region of France

by Kazuko Masui & Tomoko Yamada

Paperback, 2000


Call number

Sourcebook/Handbook -- YAM

Call number

Sourcebook/Handbook -- YAM


DK ADULT (2000), Edition: Revised & updated, Paperback, 240 pages


At last, here is the complete authoritative guide to selecting and serving more than 350 types of cheeses - every one from France, the world's most renowned culinary center. Use the 700 full-color photos as a guide when you consult the entries for information on appearance, flavor, and aroma. Reference maps pinpoint the origins of the cheeses, and handy symbols give facts such as fat content. Intriguing photographs and fascinating facts and anecdotes reveal many of the best-kept secrets of cheese making. The Eyewitness Handbook of French Cheeses gives helpful advice on buying, storing, and serving cheese, and recommends suitable wines to accompany each type. It is an invaluable guide for connoisseurs and amateurs alike.

Physical description

240 p.; 8.32 inches

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