French Cuisine: The Gourmet's Companion (Gourmet's Companion Series)

by Jeffrey A. Sadowski

Paperback, 1997


Call number

Reference - Culinary -- SAD

Call number

Reference - Culinary -- SAD


John Wiley & Sons (1997), Paperback, 208 pages


A guided tour of classic and regional French cooking for travelers, chefs, and food lovers With this handy ami culinaire by your side, you'll never be intimidated by a French menu again. A combination restaurant companion/culinary reference, French Cuisine familiarizes you with both classical French cuisine and the myriad regional dishes found throughout the country. Whether it's crevette ?touff'e or ?crivisse grillade, it tells you what it is, what's in it, how it's prepared, how it differs from region to region, and more. An ideal companion to take along on your next journey to France, Belgium, or any French-speaking country, as well as a valuable reference for amateur and professional cooks, French Cuisine gives you: A complete dictionary of French dishes Ingredients of hundreds of classical and regional dishes, organized by course A French-English glossary of cooking terms Explanations of different cooking styles and preparation methods, from region to region Descriptions of French wines and liqueurs Other books in the Gourmet's Companion Series Italian Cuisine M Spanish Cuisine… (more)

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