Eating In America

by Waverly Root

Paperback, 1981


Call number

Culinary Literature -- ROO

Call number

Culinary Literature -- ROO


Ecco (1981), Edition: First Thus, Paperback, 512 pages


The story of American eating begins and ends with the fact that American food, by most of the world's standards, is not very good. This is a rather sad note considering the "land of plenty" the first American settlers found, and even sadder considering that with the vast knowledge of food we possess, we have still managed to create things such as the TV dinner and "Finger Lickin' Good" chicken. Nevertheless, America's eating habits, the philosophy behind these habits, and much of the food itself are deliciously fascinating. The authors, in a style that is rich, tasty, and ironic, chronicle the history of American food and eating customs from the time of the earliest explorers to the present.


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512 p.; 9.21 inches

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