The Church Supper Cookbook: A Special Collection of Over 375 Potluck Recipes from Families and Churches across the Country

by David Joachim

Paperback, 2004


Call number

Rare - American -- JOA

Call number

Rare - American -- JOA


Rodale Books (2004), Paperback, 288 pages


As Americans rediscover their connection to food, some of our most treasured family recipes are making their way back to the table. These are not recipes that you can find in any standard cookbook. These recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, picking up the unique touch of each family member that has made them. Traditionally, these recipes are hard to come by. Only the most trusted friends and relatives are privy to them. To find these treasured morsels,The Church Supper Cookbook went straight to the local legends of community cooking: America's small-town cooks. We asked nicely (pleaded in some cases!) and were graced with the good fortune of more than 375 delicious, time-honored dishes from our country's best cooks. The Church Supper Cookbook is meant for home cooks who appreciate the value of the hard-to-find recipe served by a neighbor at a potluck or brought to a holiday gathering by a family member. Every recipe has a special flavor twist or clever cooking technique that makes it unique. Most recipes also include a heartwarming note from the cook. This is the book to turn to when you need to bring a fabulous dish to a family get-together or community function. Almost every recipe can be made ahead and taken along. These dishes are perfect for holidays, Sunday dinners, and weeknights, too. They come together quickly, and the ingredients are probably already in your kitchen. With this book, you're sure to find plenty of new and tasty ways to feed your family. From brunch to dessert,The Church Supper Cookbook has it covered. Among the special features: * Family-size recipes that serve 6 to 8 people * Useful table of cooking equivalents * Recipes to feed a crowd of 15 or 100 * Ingenious cooking shortcuts * Perfect potluck dishes * Over 150 cakes, cookies, pies, and puddings… (more)


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288 p.; 9.78 inches

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