Better Homes and Gardens Heritage of America Cookbook (Better Homes & Gardens Test Kitchen)

by Jennifer Darling

Other authorsShelli McConnell (Editor)
Hardcover, 1993


Call number

American -- DAR

Call number

American -- DAR


Meredith Books (1993), Edition: 1st, Hardcover, 287 pages


Responses of Plants to Environmental Stresses, Second Edition, Volume II: Water, Radiation, Salt, and Other Stresses focuses on the effects of stresses on plants. This book discusses how stresses produce their damaging effects and how living organisms defend themselves against stresses. Organized into six parts encompassing 12 chapters, this edition starts with an overview of the various responses of plants to the severities of all the other environmental stresses, with emphasis on the physical and biological stresses and strains. This text then describes water stress in plants, which arise either from an excessive or from an insufficient water activity in the plant's environment. Other chapters consider the resistance to drought stress of plants. This book discusses as well the effects of flooding, which replaces gaseous air by liquid water. The final chapter deals with the comparative stress responses of plants. This book is a valuable resource for plant biologists.… (more)


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287 p.; 14.5 inches

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