Bread: A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes

by Jeffrey Hamelman

Hardcover, 2004


Call number

Baking - Bread -- HAM

Call number

Baking - Bread -- HAM


Wiley (2004), Hardcover, 432 pages


When Bread was first published in 2004, it received the Julia Child Award for best First Book from the International Association of Culinary Professionals and became an instant classic.  Hailed as a "masterwork of bread baking literature," Jeffrey Hamelman's Bread features over 130 detailed, step-by-step formulas for dozens of versatile rye- and wheat-based sourdough breads, numerous breads made with yeasted pre-ferments, simple straight dough loaves, and dozens of variations. In addition, an International Contributors section is included, which highlights unique specialties by esteemed bakers from five continents. In this third edition of Bread, professional bakers, home bakers, and baking students will discover a diverse collection of flavors, tastes, and textures, hundreds of drawings that vividly illustrate techniques, and evocative photographs of finished and decorative breads.… (more)


Physical description

432 p.; 9.56 inches

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