On Cooking: Techniques From Expert Chefs, Trade Version (3rd Edition)

by Sarah R. Labensky

Hardcover, 2003


Call number

Reference - Technique -- LAB

Call number

Reference - Technique -- LAB


Prentice Hall (2003), Edition: 3, Hardcover, 1200 pages


On Cooking is essentially an entire cooking course contained within an 1152 page book. This encyclopedic culinary book covers every imaginable topic from identification of foods, to demonstrating how to properly hold a knife to techniques and procedures (like cutting vegetables and grilling meats to roasting poultry and preparing sauces) and most importantly, creation of successful recipes. Many of the 750 recipes have step-by-step procedural photo sequences to assist the aspiring home chef. The recipe variety and complexity are one of the book's hallmarks. Basic recipes from collard greens and meatloaf to classic dishes like Crabcakes Benedict, as well as, new-style cooking like Duck Prosciutto with Fresh Mango being fine examples of the depth and breadth of recipe content.… (more)


Physical description

1200 p.; 11 inches

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