How to Cook

by Delia Smith

Hardcover, 2001


Call number

Reference - Technique -- SMI

Call number

Reference - Technique -- SMI


DK ADULT (2001), Hardcover, 496 pages


Delia always has her finger on the button. For 40 years she has continually, throughout her books, writing and television programmes, enabled millions of people who lack confidence or experience to cook for their families and loved ones without fear.Now in 2009 she has released Delia's Complete How to Cook, a compilation of her celebrated How to Cook series, a totally comprehensive 700 page guide to basic cooking, so that everyone from nine to ninety has every cooking skill they will ever need in one volume. Including hundreds of recipes for every possible occasion, all with Delia's no-nonsense approach and easy to follow instructions.There has never been a greater need either to learn to cook or to return to home cooking. And here it is in one volume, absolutely appropriate for the times we live in.Delia's Complete How to Cook was recently voted the best recipe book ever published (The Daily Telegraph/… (more)

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496 p.; 10.9 inches

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