Bread Making: A Home Course: Crafting the Perfect Loaf, From Crust to Crumb

by Lauren Chattman

Paperback, 2011


Call number

Baking - Bread -- CHA

Call number

Baking - Bread -- CHA


Storey Publishing, LLC (2011), Paperback, 296 pages


Treat your friends and family to freshly baked ciabatta, challah, English muffins, naan, brioche, and more. Even complete beginners can successfully bake their own bread with this encouraging in-depth course. Lauren Chattman covers standard bread-making techniques for every style, including straight doughs, sourdoughs, and flatbreads. From sifting flour to cleanly slicing a warm baguette, you'll find everything you need to know to make artisanal loaves with flawless golden crusts and soft, pillowy insides.


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296 p.; 9 inches

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