The spice cookbook

by Avanelle S. Day

Other authorsLillie Stuckey (Joint Author.)
Paper Book, 1964


Call number

Rare - American -- DAY

Call number

Rare - American -- DAY


New York, D. White Co. [1964]


Every food and cooking lover's cookbook collection contains at least one or two volumes that look a little worse for wear; their torn jackets conceal faded olive oil stains, a faint dusting of fl our lingers between their dog-eared pages. These are the cookbooks we turn to time and time again. They lay open on our kitchen counters while we chop, grind, and dice. They guide you through countless hours of sautéing, braising, and broiling. Indeed, these "desert island" cookbooks are few and far between, but The Spice Cookbook is chief among them.First published in 1964, The Spice Cookbook is an astounding treasury of recipes from around the world. As the title implies, this book contains a wealth of fascinating and mouth-watering information about a huge range of spices and herbs including flavor profiles, uses (culinary and otherwise), and historical information about where each herb and spice originated and how they made their way around the globe. Peppered with beautiful watercolors and line drawings, this book will take you on a delicious culinary journey through time and space.With over 1400 recipes, The Spice Cookbook is an excellent, well-rounded cookbook. Recipes range in complexity from staples like simple baked breads, grains, and vegetables, to exotic international dishes that will challenge even a seasoned cook. A wonderful gift for a loved one or for yourself, The Spice Cookbook transforms the kitchen into a place of haute cuisine without being pretentious in the least bit... my, how refreshing!… (more)



Physical description

xiv, 623 p.; 26 cm

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