1080 Recipes

by Simone Ortega

Other authorsInés Ortega
Hardcover, 2007


Call number

Spanish, Portuguese -- ORT

Call number

Spanish, Portuguese -- ORT


Phaidon Press (2007), Hardcover, 960 pages


1080is to Spanish cuisine what the Silver Spoonis to Italian cuisine - a book that has been considered the bible of traditional Spanish cooking since it was first published over 35 years ago. 1080contains a comprehensive collection of authentic Spanish recipes, covering everything from tortilla to bacalao. It is divided into 17 chapters and includes 1080 recipes, menu plans, cooking tips and advice, and a glossary. It is a no-fuss, friendly and approachable book for all home cooks and covers every Spanish dish you could want to make.


Physical description

960 p.; 10.96 inches

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