Winning Styles Cookbook

by Elin Jeffords

Hardcover, 2003


Call number

Individual Chef -- JEF

Call number

Individual Chef -- JEF


Feeding Frenzy, Inc. (2003), Hardcover, 336 pages


Nation's Restaurant News has recently selected Winning Styles Cookbook as one of the year's best cookbooks.For the first time, 21 top chefs who have won prestigious James Beard Foundation Awards share the secrets behind their culinary magic in an exciting new cookbook. Winning Styles Cookbook: Recipes from James Beard Award Winning Chefs includes the stories behind their success, 100 plus recipes with full color photographs and bevarage recommendations. It is an inspiring, practical guide for home cooks, a valuable resource for aspiring food professionals and an attractive coffee-table tome for culinary afficionados, all in one.Full of culinary inspiration, this book is the first of its kind. 'Foodies' hope it won't be the last. Better Homes and Garden, Holiday Appetizers, 2003… (more)


Physical description

336 p.; 12.5 inches

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