An American Feast : A Celebration of Cooking on Public Television

by Julia Child

Other authorsBurton Wolf (Editor)
Hardcover, 1999


Call number

American -- CHI

Call number

American -- CHI


Bay Books & Tapes (1999), Hardcover, 173 pages


Based on a live television special, An American Feast is a historic meeting of chefs, a delight for the taste buds, and a must-have for the kitchen. Imagine savory appetizers created by Martin Yan, an elegant entree by Jacques Pepin, a scrumptious dessert by Nathalie Dupree -- all presided over by hosts Julia Child and Burt Wolf.This colorfully illustrated cookbook contains all of the show's recipes along with dozens of others. Organized by course, the book has something for every palate, from the Two Fat Ladies' Lobster with Latkes to Paul Prudhomme's Sesame Crusted Fish.


Physical description

173 p.; 9.81 inches

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