Salsas of the World

by Mark Miller

Other authorsRobert Quintana
Paperback, 2011


Call number

Sauces, Salsas -- MIL

Call number

Sauces, Salsas -- MIL


Gibbs Smith (2011), Paperback, 192 pages


Mark Miller and Robert Quintana explore the authentic salsas of the world. Though traditionally associated with Mexico, salsas enhance dishes of many different cuisines. This book explores salsas from more than a dozen countries including Mexico, the United States, Italy, France, Thailand, China, Korea, Peru, and more. The recipes range from fresh and easy to hot and sour to smoky and satisfying; they include both the simple and complex, and the mild to red hot. Features more than 100 recipes and 50 beautiful color photographs.


Physical description

192 p.; 9.75 inches

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