Cooking for Two: 2010

by Editors at America's Test Kitchen

Hardcover, 2010


Call number

ATK -- 2010

Call number

ATK -- 2010



Boston Common Press (2010), Edition: 1, Hardcover, 312 pages


Scaling back recipes that serve 8 to serve 2 people doesn't always mean simple division. It can mean adjusting spices in various ways, using different pans and utensils, and utilizing ingredients in smarter, more cost effective ways. In this new and already popular annual, the test cooks at America's Test Kitchen take our best recipes from the year and scale them down for families of two. Newlyweds, empty nesters, single people, and even young parents (who might want to enjoy a sophisticated meal even if their 3 year old is only eating mac and cheese) will relish Cooking for Two.


Physical description

312 p.; 11.26 inches

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