Delia's How to Cook: Book Two (Bk.2)

by Delia Smith

Hardcover, 1999


Call number

General Cookbooks -- SMI

Call number

General Cookbooks -- SMI


BBC Books (1999), Edition: First Edition, Hardcover, 256 pages


Delia's How to Cook: Book Two continues Delia's simple-to-follow teaching course for people of all ages and abilities. With her unique powers of communication, Delia removes the fear and mystique from cooking both the simplest and the more advanced dishes. For those who have mastered the techniques and for those who are already accomplished cooks How to Cook: Book Two contains a collection of 120 simple recipes from Roast Lamb in a Shrewsbury Sauce to Fresh Pecan and Almond Crumble. The cookbook and television series feature the following ten sections: The Store Cupboard; Fish; Meat; Poultry; Vegetables; Salads; Dairy Produce; Fruit; Cheese and Chocolate. How to Cook is a complete guide to cookery for the twenty-first century. Delia shares not only her vast experience, but also her extensive knowledge of English cooks, such as Eliza Acton. This tradition is combined with the very latest advances and innovations in cooking.… (more)



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256 p.; 8.25 x 0.75 inches
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