The Kitchen as Laboratory: Reflections on the Science of Food and Cooking (Arts and Traditions of the Table: Perspectives on Culinary History)

by Cesar Vega

Other authorsJob Ubbink (Editor), Erik van van der Linden (Editor)
Hardcover, 2012


Call number

Food Science -- VEG

Call number

Food Science -- VEG


Columbia University Press (2012), Hardcover, 336 pages


The essays in The Kitchen as Laboratory cover a range of creations and their history and culture. They consider the significance of an eater's background and a dining atmosphere and the importance of a chef's methods, as well as the strategies used to create a great diversity of foods and dishes. This collection will delight experts and amateurs alike, especially as restaurants rely more on science-based cooking and recreational cooks increasingly explore the physics and chemistry behind their art. Contributors end each essay with their personal thoughts on food, cooking, and science, offering rare insight into a professional's passion for playing with food.--DUST JACKET.


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336 p.

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