Bangkok Street Food: Cooking & Traveling in Thailand

by Tom Vandenberghe

Other authorsEls Goethals, Luk Thys (Photographer)
Paperback, 2010


Call number

Southeast Asian -- VAN

Call number

Southeast Asian -- VAN


Lannoo Publishers (Acc) (2010), Paperback, 208 pages


NATIONAL & REGIONAL CUISINE. Food is one of the reasons many tourists visit Thailand each year, not only for its affordability, but because the Kingdom's exotic cuisine offers an unrivalled culinary experience and is internationally famous for its distinctive flavours. "Bangkok Street Food" provides you with all the best addresses in Bangkok as well as more than 65 authentic street food recipes. This book offers a lot more than the traditional green, yellow and red curry recipes. As you open the volume, you can smell coconut milk, coriander and lemon grass. Besides the appetising recipes, it explains everything you need to know on cooking techniques and products. Otherwise said, "Bangkok Street Food" is not just a culinary feast, but an unrivalled adventure!… (more)


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208 p.; 9.3 inches
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