The Classical Cookbook: Revised Edition

by Andrew Dalby

Other authorsSally Grainger
Hardcover, 2012


Call number

Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, African -- DAL

Call number

Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, African -- DAL


J. Paul Getty Museum (2012), Edition: 1, Hardcover, 160 pages


"Fifty recipes from the ancient world are presented in a fresh, new design alongside reproductions of ancient wall paintings, mosaics, vases, and household objects. Originally published in 1996, The Classical Cookbook was the first book about ancient dining to draw from both Greek and Roman writings. Each chapter describes a different social gathering and the food that might have been served on such an occasion. From a menu inspired by Homer's Odyssey in 700 B.C., to the offerings at a typical Greek symposium or drinking party in fourth century Athens, to the special treats at a Macedonian wedding feast, the recipes presented here suggest the true variety of food and social life in the ancient Mediterranean. Enjoy Parthian chicken, fish in coriander sauce, squash Alexandria-style, cabbage the Athenian way, pancakes with honey and sesame seeds, and many more tasty dishes. Each original recipe is followed by a version for today's cook."--"Explores the cuisine of the Mediterranean in ancient times from 750 BC to AD 450, giving the historical context for various recipes as well as modern recipe adaptations"--… (more)


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