More Top Secret Recipes: More Fabulous Kitchen Clones of America's Favorite Brand-Name Foods

by Todd Wilbur

Paperback, 1994


Call number

American -- WIL

Call number

American -- WIL


Plume (1994), Paperback, 144 pages


#1 bestselling Top Secret Recipes series with more than 4 million books sold!  Nabisco Oreo Cookies... J&J Super Pretzels... Dunkin' Donuts... Little Caesar's Crazy Bread... These are some of America's greatest food inventions. Now, thanks to intrepid kitchen sleuth Todd Wilbur, you can make home versions of over 50 more of your favorite foods. All of them are shockingly easy to prepare with ingredients from your local supermarket! Wilbur's fabulous clones leave out the preservatives and include suggestions for making high-cholesterol dishes lower in fat without changing the tastes we all love. Included, too, are the fascinating origins of each product; Todd Wilbur's own amazing kitchen adventures, narrow escapes, and near-death experiences; and even his learned-it-the-hard-way cooking tips.… (more)

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144 p.; 7.92 inches
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