Beard On Bread

by James Beard

Paperback, 1995


Call number

Baking - Bread -- BEA

Call number

Baking - Bread -- BEA


Knopf (1995), Paperback, 256 pages


The bestselling, classic book on baking bread, from the "Dean of American Gastronomy"--featuring his 100 favorite recipes and variations. From Buttermilk White Bread to Whole-Meal Bread with Potatoes, and from Challah to Crumpets, Beard brings together recipes from across America and around the world. Including a 12-point list of remedies for improving one's loaf, and a wonderful variety of different types of bread to bake--plain, whole-meal, and sweetened breads, batter breads, baking powder and soda breads, rolls, flat breads, filled breads, fried breads, and more--this is the only book the home baker needs in order to master the art of making bread.


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256 p.; 6.09 inches

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