Mennonite Community Cookbook

by Mary Emma Showalter

Paper Book, 1992


Call number

American - Midwest -- SHO

Call number

American - Midwest -- SHO


Herald Press (VA) (1992), Plastic Comb, 494 pages


Mary Emma Showalter has compiled favorite recipes from hundreds of Mennonite women noted for their excellent cooking. Tantalizing dishes brought to this country directly from old Dutch, German, Swiss, and Russian kitchens Original directions like a dab of cinnamon or ten blubs of molasses have been standardized to help you get the same wonderful and individuality and flavor Showalter introduces each chapter with her own nostalgic recollection of cookery in grandma's day--the pie shelf in the springhouse, outdoor bake ovens, the summer kitchen. Beautifully illustrated with color photographs and drawings by Naomi Nissley.


Physical description

494 p.; 6.42 inches

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