A New Turn in the South: Southern Flavors Reinvented for Your Kitchen

by Hugh Acheson

Other authorsBertis Downs (Foreword), Rinne Allen (Photographer)
Hardcover, 2011


Call number

American - Southern -- ACH

Call number

American - Southern -- ACH


Clarkson Potter (2011), Hardcover, 304 pages


" Hugh is one of the small handful of truly great chefs working in the South today who understands the importance of building and maintaining a bridge between tradition and innovation. His dishes may seem a bit like R.E.M. songs in that they are thoughtful, geo-specific, crafty, smart, and all about pure pleasure. But the dishes, both new and old, all whistle Dixie in a way that honors the true magnificence of the last real regional cooking in the United States. A random selection of any twelve recipes in this book, from cocktails to mains, sides, and all the way to desserts, could easily make up a greatest hits of a fine chef. This book is simply a perfect way to understand and to make delicious and simple American food, refracted through the spectacular prism of the modern South. Hugh is a modern master and one of my heroes. MARIO BATALI It s rare to find a chef's cuisine and his place Athens, GA so in step with each other- unmistakably Southern and yet unlike anywhere else in the South. That A New Turn in the South brings Hugh s extraordinary kitchen sorcery into our home kitchen is nothing short of a miracle! MATT AND TED LEE Hugh shares his love for his adopted homel… (more)


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304 p.; 7.99 inches

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