Il tempio del rubino di fuoco

by Geronimo Stilton

Paperback, 2015



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It was my most thrilling adventure yet! My old friend Professor von Volt had discovered the location of the famous Ruby of Fire. And before I could let out a squeak of protest, my sister Thea had dragged me into race to be the first to find the legendary gem. The jewel was protected by thousands of ancient booby-traps -- a 'fraidy mouse's worst nightmare? Would I make it through with my fur?

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Geronimo Stilton, intrepid reporter for the biggest newspaper in Mouse City, receives four plane tickets to Brazil. He's off to the Amazon with sister Thea, cousin Trap, and nephew Benjamin, to help Professor Von Volt find the temple of the ruby of fire. That is, if he can survive overenthusiastic
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hotel managers, jellyfish, a needle-happy doctor, and more strange encounters!

This is a popular series at both the libraries in which I work, so I decided to try the audiobook. I'm not sure if it was the story itself or the melodramatic (but talented) reading of it, but I rolled my eyes more than I smiled. It's a silly story and doesn't suit my (admittedly weird) sense of humor like the Captain Underpants story I read did (I told you I had a weird sense of humor). Furthermore, I was annoyed that the story became a lesson in environmentalism with a ton of oversimplification that, in my opinion, doesn't do justice to the issue or the children reading the story. Bill Lobley was an excellent reader, though, adding sounds effects (laughter, burping) and having such varied voices for the character that it almost made it sound like a full-cast audio. I'm not planning on reading any more of the series myself, but I would recommend them to the right reader without hesitation.
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