A sbagliare le storie

by Gianni Rodari

Other authorsAlessandro Sanna (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 2012



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Emme Edizioni (2012)


Grandpa playfully recounts a familiar fairytale--or his version, at least--to his granddaughter, and try as she might to get him back on track, he keeps on adding things to the mix, resulting in an unpredictable tale that comes alive as it is being told.

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LibraryThing member nbmars
Kids will love this book in which a grandfather is telling his granddaughter the story of “Little Red Riding Hood” but keeps mixing up the elements of the story. He first calls her “Little Yellow Riding Hood,” then “Little Green Riding Hood,” and so on. Each time his granddaughter
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corrects him, he veers off into other changes of the story’s details. Little Red goes to her aunt’s house to take a potato peel; she meets a giraffe in the woods; she is questioned by a horse…. Finally the little girl says in frustration, “Grandpa, you really don’t know how to tell a story. You get everything wrong. But all the same, can I have a quarter to buy some bubble gum?” He replies, “Sure you can. Here you go.” And grandpa, the author notes wryly, went back to reading his newspaper.

Illustrator Beatrice Alemagna uses whimsical marker- and wash-textured illustrations that are as fun as the story itself.

This delightful book would make an excellent choice for reading aloud.
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LibraryThing member villemezbrown
Thanksgiving weekend family picture book read-aloud fun! (Book 6 of 13.)

I'm not a real fan of the art, but I was amused by the grandfather's garbling of Little Red Riding Hood and his obvious desire to be doing anything other than telling this story.


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