Quattro topi nella giungla nera

by Geronimo Stilton

Paperback, 2015



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I have never been a brave mouse, but lately, my fears were taking over my life! So Thea and Trap decided to cure me by dragging me all the way to the jungle, where I was forced to eat bug soup, swim in raging rivers, and even wrangle snakes! How would a 'fraidy mouse like me ever survive?

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LibraryThing member gvandevel
In this book Geronimo goes to a jungle and meets a beautiful girl. He falls in love but she doesn't care. She just continues her adventure.
LibraryThing member ToxicMasquerade
Geronimo is afraid of almost everything. This one is about trying to cure him of his fears. He family sets him up to go on a trip which actually turns out to be a survival course. He has to survive an entire week in the jungle along with four other mice and his course guide. In the end, he realizes
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he isn't afraid anymore.
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