Ernest e Celestine

by Daniel Pennac (Autore)

Other authorsY. Mélaouah (Traduttore)
Paperback, 2013



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Feltrinelli (2013), 187 pages


Ernest, the big clown bear and musician who does not want to become a judge, and Clestine, the little cartoon mouse who refuses to be a dentist, dare to become friends. They live tenderly and freely together, even provoking the indignation of the two worlds, which will try to separate them.

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LibraryThing member RandyMetcalfe
Ernest and Célestine are friends. Best friends. However, their friendship is astounding because Ernest is a bear and Célestine is a mouse. And everyone knows a bear and a mouse cannot be friends. Everyone knows. Perhaps that is the reason that Ernest doesn’t fit in en haut or Célestine en bas.
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Ernest is a musician and wants to make music all of the time. Célestine is a painter and wants to paint and draw all of the time. This is the story of how Ernest and Célestine became friends and the amazing adventure that their friendship set off.

Beautifully written with delicate characterization and typical Pennac wit and style. Along with the principal characters, we see a host of minor characters that flesh out their contrasting but parallel worlds. The Author even appears as a character, in part to explain why he is telling the story rather than either Ernest or Célestine. And later The Reader shows up and, as you might expect, gets things wrong. Readers!

A delightful story that can easily be recommended.
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187 p.; 7.87 inches


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