Prima che tu dica «Pronto»

by Italo Calvino

Paperback, 1996



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Mondadori (1996)


For the first time in paperback--a volume of thirty-seven diabolically inventive stories, fables, and "impossible interviews" from one of the great fantasists of the 20th century, displaying the full breadth of his vision and wit. Written between 1943 and 1984 and masterfully translated by Tim Parks, the fictions in Numbers in the Dark display all of Calvino's dazzling gifts: whimsy and horror, exuberance of style, and a cheerful grasp of the absurdities of the human condition.

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LibraryThing member snarkhunt
Calvino makes me feel happy and a bit dim. Part way through a Calvino story I get this aha moment where I realize he is writing a story that is impossible to get right and then I am amazed when he gets it right.

Stories that take place between the placing of a call and before you say hello. Stories
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that transform the invisible cities into women. Worlds where the leaders can be leaders, but they are executed on a schedule. Stories where all of the action (murder, arson, seduction, etc.) takes place in a programmer's head while he codes for an insurance agency...
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LibraryThing member shanth
I specially liked the parable like stories in the beginning, and while all of them are good writing, I think `The Flash' was just amazing, in it's brevity.
LibraryThing member P_S_Patrick
This is a collection of short stories, some of which have been in newspapers or magazines, and others which hadn't been previously published. Some of them were exciting, deep, engaging, and enjoyable to read. The majority of them had at least two of these qualities, but there were a few that I
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think I must have missed the point on, as I was just hoping that they would end. Others were over too soon, and could have benefited with a few more pages, as I had become involved in them. If it wasn't for the few duds I would have given this book a 4 and a half.
I would recommend this book to those who like short stories, as Calvino seems to write these best. With some of his longer books being just a collection of shorter pieces at heart, like Invisible Cities and If On A Winters Night.
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LibraryThing member HadriantheBlind
A varied and interesting collection of stories, from little parables, to 'interviews', to mysteries. These have been written over some forty years, and show how varied Calvino can be.

Some of the earlier stories are almost boring, but many of the middle and later ones are excellent, among his best
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work, with Invisible Cities and Cosmicomics. Read it for those.
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