The Millionaires

by Brad Meltzer

Hardcover, 2002



Brothers employed at the exclusive private bank of Greene & Greene, cannot resist the offer of taking $3,000,000 from an abandoned account, forcing them to run from the Secret Service.


(186 ratings; 3.4)

User reviews

LibraryThing member Boutabook
Having worked in the finance area, I enjoyed the references. However, the story was brain candy. It was like a little roller coaster. The plot got good, then just coasted, then got interesting again, then got exciting, and at the end, it left you unsatisfied and not wanting to go on the ride again.
LibraryThing member cjthomas
This is an easy, mindless read -- enjoyable, but simple enough to serve as brain dope; cheap thrill only.
LibraryThing member whimsicalkitten
Two brothers who have led spotlessly innocent lives decide to steal $3 million - come on! It just gets
more and more stupid from there.
LibraryThing member JenSay
Certainly not award winning, but great mind candy. I read it on a road trip, and the miles flew by. The Millionaires poses the question, what would you do if you knew no one would find out? Would you break the law? After facing that choice, the Caruso brothers must face the consequences of their actions. Stolen money, The Secret Service, and running for their lives. Great high action thriller.… (more)
LibraryThing member golfjr
Fun but not so well constructed and easy to guess the next thing...
LibraryThing member levasssp
This is Meltzer's best book. Fast paced and with a twist.
LibraryThing member debavp
A bit long, but packed a little punch. More behind the scenes info would have been interesting.
LibraryThing member losloper
Two brothers, one an executive at a bank and the other in an entry-level position, hatch a plot to steal three million dollars. Using a sophisticated computer program, they plan to transfer the money into an account only they can access. But after the transaction has been completed, they quickly realize that rather than three million dollars, they stole three hundred million. The secret service are called in to investigate and Charlie and Oliver soon find themselves on the run not only from the law, but from the people they stole the money from. Using technology to alter their identity and conceal their personal records, the people hunting them down use the same technology to track their whereabouts. It's a high-speed game of cat and mouse, filled with twists and turns that are sure to have readers racing to the last page.… (more)
LibraryThing member lovejoy_rat
I really hated this book, but only because financial thrillers bore the t*ts off me.
LibraryThing member IAmChrysanthemum
One of the first "adult" books I ever read. At the time, I thought it was fantastic. Looking back on it...well at least I still remember it?
LibraryThing member whitewavedarling
Spiraling along with intrigue and drama, this didn't disappoint. Readers of Meltzer's other works will recognize the twisting suspense laid over top of sincere relationships and be swept along by what's another carefully plotted thriller. I won't say that this one felt quite so powerful as some of his other works--there was something somewhat too easy and recognizable about the relationship between the main characters for it to be so striking as some of his work--but it was still a fun escape with whirlwind action.

Despite its being nearly 500 pages, this is simply a fast read, and I don't think fans of Meltzer's work will be disappointed.
… (more)
LibraryThing member susandennis
This book is a mystery in itself. I enjoyed reading it as much as any book I can remember but the story itself is shot through with credibility leaps and plot problems. I realized them as I was reading but was still totally sucked in and enjoyed every word. Two brothers kind of steal millions and kind of get into more of a mess than they could ever imagine.… (more)
LibraryThing member Auj
The story line was fine, although slightly unbelievable in places. I decided to finish the book, but got pretty tired of a few things. The brothers seem to communicate by just looking at each other. Yes, I know that people do to an extent, but it seemed to get carried away here. Also, I got tired of many cliches and pithy sayings. I will admit that there is very little bad language, but there is violence. This is the first adult book I've read of Meltzer's, and I don't expect to read another. I do love his children's biographies, though.… (more)


Warner Books (2002), Edition: First Edition, Hardcover, 496 pages




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