If Tomorrow Comes

by Sidney Sheldon

Hardcover, 1985



Lovely, idealistic Tracy Whitney is framed into a fifteen year sentence in an escape-proof penitentiary. With dazzling ingenuity she fights back to destroy the untouchable crime lords who put her there. With her intelligence and beauty as her only weapons, Tracy embarks on a series of extraordinary escapades that sweep her across the globe. In an explosive confrontation Tracy meets her equal in irresistible Jeff Stevens, whose past is as colorful as Tracy's.


½ (477 ratings; 3.7)

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LibraryThing member ko40370
Just OK....no real suspense, the protagonist was basically invincible.
LibraryThing member anterastilis
I was at a gift shop outside of Olympic National Park (again) when I spied a book exchange. I went over to it and flipped through a few of the offerings. Most didn't grab me at all. This one barely piqued my interest - but it seemed to be the most interesting of the bunch, so I took it with me.

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a riot! I am not embaressed IN THE LEAST to say that I LOVED reading this book. The heroine of this book, Tracy Whitney, is a typical young woman in the 1980's. She works at a bank, where she is "good with computers". Her job is to handle incoming international wires. She begins dating some big shot in the finance buisness, and they're getting married (and having a baby). Her boss is surprised when she says she plans to come back to work after the baby is born.

Anyway! Her mother dies and Tracy goes to New Orleans to avenge her death. Unfortunately, she messes with the mob and winds up in jail for attempted murder (which she technically did) and stealing a van Gogh (which she did not do). Then her fiancee abandons her and life really starts to suck. We learn all about life in a Women's Prison in Louisiana (starring a mean character named Big Bertha...what women's prison is complete without one?) and how she gets out.

Once out of jail, she decides the Straight Life isn't her thing. She gets revenge on those who got her into the mess and then goes on to be an international art thief. It becomes a caper book, and it was a good one.

It moved along quite possibly the fastest pace I've ever felt in a book. It was just page-turning. I loved her character and how she was so determined to get revenge on the men that had done her wrong, and how she sort of fell into her life of crime. It was cleverly written and total delight to read.

Now, what REALLY won this over for me: it takes place in the 1980's. This is vaguely apparent in the clothes that she describes wearing. But as I read the book, I imagined it absolutely drenched in the 80's: men with their white jacket sleeves rolled up and big hair; women in sequin-covered evening gowns and big gaudy jewelry; Tracy having to tie back her heavily sprayed bangs to fit under her black cap (ya know, the thief outfit); music from Wham! and Duran Duran playing the the background; fancy parties with people dressed up like the characters from Dynasty; normal people looking like Angela Bauer from Who's the Boss and oh! It just created such a ridiculous picture in my mind. I loved it. My imagination went uber-80's (to a point in which it was just a mockery) and the book came to bedazzled, hypercolor, radical life. It was awesome.

I will probably pick up another one of Sidney Sheldon's books in the future just so that I can revisit the 80's and the rich and famous people that life the swanky life therein.
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LibraryThing member kmgallo
Romance, Adventure, Crime, a great summertime read for a lazy afternoon.
LibraryThing member ashishg
One of the best of Sidney Sheldon's novel about a woman's revenge in many really clever ways.
LibraryThing member MsNikki
Vacation reading was invented for this book. Absolute 80s epic-drama. Betrayal, sex and revenge in copius doses, what's not to love. If the Lifetime movie channel hasn't done this movie, albiet sanitised for network TV, they are not serious.
Pick it up and enjoy.
LibraryThing member silverwing2332
Easily my favorite book, easily my favorite author. This was my first Sydney Sheldon book that I read (you never forget the first), and I soon, and quickly, read his other books as well. It has so many twists and turns in the plot, the story itself is interesting and packed with interesting plots.
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One thing that I adore about all of Sheldon's books is that they are all extremely well researched and well written. He has a way of creating an amazing story out of a simple plot. I also love how the story starts.
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LibraryThing member Sucharita
Oh! How I loved this book during my college days! It's so fascinating, thrilling and a compelling read.
LibraryThing member dannN
What a great story! How to make the impossible possible. I couldn't put it down.
LibraryThing member Ymusmani
Read it when I was fourteen (hiding from mommy) I wont recommend anyone to do the same...gave me nightmares for years...creepy book!
LibraryThing member triplestripe
Tracy is wrongly gaoled, escapes, and then plots revenge against the men who framed her. The first "real" book I read, taken from my mothers book shelf. I keep coming back to re-read it.
LibraryThing member Samchan
This has been one of my comfort reads from the time I discovered it at the public library during my pre-teen years (when I was probably too young to be reading it) up until now. The book is a deeply satisfying tale of revenge, redemption, and romance, all in the midst of adventures that take the
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characters around the world as they take on different disguises to mingle in a glamorous circles and con the rich and the awful. What more could you ask for?
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LibraryThing member ClosetWryter
I first saw the movie/mini-series and then read the book. The book still had more to offer even though I knew the plot from the movie. This is the book that made me fall in love with romance and adventure books.
LibraryThing member melissa.gamador
Tracy Whitney is sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment due to a frame-up. On her escape, she uses her intelligence, beauty and ice-cold nerve, in a vendetta against the mobsters responsible.
LibraryThing member christinejoseph
ok @ Tracy Whitney trapped into jail - gets out + gets even w/ everyone.

This is a story of intrigue and revenge. Tracy Whitney is young, beautiful and intelligent - and about to marry into wealth and glamour. Until, suddenly, she is betrayed, framed by a ruthless Mafia gang, abandoned by the man
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she loves. Only her ingenuity saves her and helps her fight back.
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LibraryThing member HenriMoreaux
An excellent tale of a scorned woman wrongfully sent to prison, upon getting out she finds she is able to resume her prior career and is treated poorly, after some self reflection she enters a life of crime becoming extremely rich and well known.

The first part of the novel set in prison is a bit
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dark however the rest of the book is more uplifting and light. The story is quite a page turner with plenty going on and events blended in well by the writer.
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