Tasha Tudor's Garden

by Tovah Martin

Other authorsRichard W. Brown (Photographer)
Hardcover, 1994



Tasha Tudor's poignant art has fascinated adults and children for decades. Her nineteenth-century New England lifestyle is legendary. Gardeners are especially intrigued by the profusion of antique flowers -- spectacular poppies, six-foot foxgloves, and intoxicating peonies -- in the cottage gardens surrounding her hand-hewn house. Until now we've only caught glimpses of Tasha Tudor's landscape. In this gorgeous book, two of her friends, the garden writer Tovah Martin and the photographer Richard Brown, take us into the magical garden and then behind the scenes. As we revel in the bedlam of Johnny-jump-ups and cinnamon pinks, the intricacy of the formal peony garden, and the volumptuousness of her heirloom roses, we also learn Tasha's gardening secrets. How does she coax forth her finicky camellia blossoms in the dead of a Vermont winter? How does she train that fantastic topiary to model for her artwork? How can she keep her crown imperials from tumbling in the winds? Tasha's garden reflects a wealth of family lore, perfected through the years and years of working the soil. We may be dazzled by the beauty of the garden, but we come away from this book with practical ideas about improving our own plots of land. "Paradise on earth" is how Tasha describes her garden, and along with the flowers and the vegetables that provide her food, her paradise is filled with an enchanting menagerie -- corgies, Nubian goats, cats, chickens, fantail doves, and forty or more exotic finches, cockatiels, canaries, nightingales, and parrots, which inhabit her collection of antique cages. Tasha's beautiful watercolors and her enchanting anecdotes color this sublimely beautiful book."By savoring Martin's delightfully intimate account of seasonal activities in Tasha Tudor's Vermont garden and by gazing upon the included photographic studies of the legendary gardener in her element--surrounded by lavish flower borders--Tudor's reputation is indelibly imprinted. From the house on a hilltop (built by her son and patterned after a centuries-old farmhouse), to her clothing style (layers of garments resembling the look of a pioneer woman), Tudor epitomizes a Yankee lifestyle that will enrapture readers. In fact, Tudor would probably already be a "national living treasure" if our government bestowed the equivalent of Japan's accolade for individuals of outstanding artistic achievement." Booklist, ALA… (more)

User reviews

LibraryThing member Tiddledeewinks
Tasha Tudor lives a fascinating life on a farm in Vermont with her gardens,animals and her craft and illustrating talents. She lives like They did in the 1800's. I love ALL her books!
LibraryThing member faithg
Tasha Tudor is one of the most wonderful and inspiring, people I have ever read about. She illustrates such adorable children and animals. She lives in a perfect past/present of her own making.
LibraryThing member PennyAnn
I devoured this book the winter before I planted my first cottage garden. The photographs are absolutely gorgeous. Whether or not you're a Tasha Tudor fan, you will find her gardens enchanting. Tasha provides plenty of down to earth gardening advice. Her home brewed "manure tea" defines her gardening style.


Houghton Mifflin (1994), Edition: First Edition, 160 pages


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