At First Sight

by Nicholas Sparks

Hardcover, 2005



Jeremy Marsh is now living in Boone Creek, North Carolina, married to Lexie Darnell, and awaiting the birth of their daughter. But, just as when things a looking goods, an unsettling and mysterious message brings trouble from the past.


(709 ratings; 3.6)

User reviews

LibraryThing member RoseByAnyName
Classic Sparks novel! Love story set in North Carolina that takes a major turn when a main character dies, but of course everything turns out lovely and happy in the end. Heartwarming story that you will love if you havent read too many other books by the same author. (But to tell the truth, his books are still addictively tempting)… (more)
LibraryThing member kristicw
Pretty boring first half to this book. Once the real problems arise, there is good suspense as the reader wonders who will undoubtedly die (they couldn't all live - this is a Nicholas Sparks book!).

Not a good read during or soon after personal experience with pregnancy.
LibraryThing member mramos
Once again Nicholas Sparks has written a novel that flows and seems so natural. The plot is well thought out, his dialog is believable and you can actually see the story-taking place.

He is able to take you on the roller coaster ride of life with this small book. You will experience joy, laughter, sadness, frustration, hope and love. This story follows the relationship of a couple and how they learn who each other really are.

I did not seek this book out it was given to me. And I was surprised to find that I read the entire book in one evening. The book is well written and easy to read. And though I gave it only three stars, the fine woman who gave me the book to read would have given him a five.
… (more)
LibraryThing member Mychiefthemama
This one was really hard to read. It made me think way too much of Eliza's birth. But it was - as usual - stunningly written.
LibraryThing member TeriLynneU
I bought this and started reading - then realized I'd already read it. Duh...It was a good story - but not my favorite of Sparks' novels.
LibraryThing member stephxsu
This is the continuation of the love story of small-town librarian Lexie Darnell and big-city science writer, the skeptical Jeremy Marsh. In the course of a whirlwind six weeks, Jeremy Marsh has done the impossible: he’s found someone he wants to spend the rest of his life with, and he is going to be a father. All her life Lexie has wanted to raise a family in her hometown, the dying Boone Creek, North Carolina, and Jeremy is willing to sacrifice New York for her.

But as the weeks pass, Jeremy loses his writing touch, the money spent on buying and renovating their house seems more than they can spare, and Jeremy can’t help but feel like Lexie is keeping things from him. His good friend Alvin keeps warning him that he’s gone into this too fast, he barely even knows Lexie, he shouldn’t throw his life away for her.

But doubtful friends are the least of their worries, it turns out. As their child’s expected date of birth nears, complications arrive which could threaten their small family’s happiness forever. Tragedy, acceptance, and joy combine in this sweet tearjerker.

I wasn’t a huge fan of TRUE BELIEVER, the prequel, and AT FIRST SIGHT didn’t leave a much better impression on me either, except for the ending.
… (more)
LibraryThing member bibliophile26
One of the few fluffy romance authors that I like. I was really into the story since it centered around a woman's pregnancy and I am expecting at the moment.
LibraryThing member kpasternack02
Hate Nicholas Sparks. Think he's a horrible writer. I am constantly surprised how popular he is - to me it is a sad comment on American tastes. The book sucked - the characters were not developed. The writing was worse than mediocre. There were huge holes in the story/details. I was miserable reading it, but true to form must finish the books I start.… (more)
LibraryThing member irishwasherwoman
Romance, regional ficion, best seller.

Having read all of Nicholas Sparks’ books, this is by far the weakest story line and writing that he has done. Much of it is predictable, especially in his descriptions of small town life. What saves this book is Sparks’ ability to convey the tension between Jeremy and Lexie through their dialog.… (more)
LibraryThing member helenvigg
Another great Nicholas Sparks book. Can't wait for the movie.
LibraryThing member Jennamay333
Jeremy and Lexie meet and marry quickly because she finds out that she is pregnant. After finally being accepted in the small town of Boone Creek, he begins to settle in in Lexie's town. The book takes a turn for the worst when Lexie passes away after giving birth to a beautiful daughter, Claire. To keep her nightmares away, Jeremy takes his daughter to see the lights in the cemetary because thye all now believe that lights are Lexie showing them she is near.… (more)
LibraryThing member opinion8dsngr
A sweet, sometimes overly sappy, love story about a pregnant Souther gal and a former New Yorker. While the book does have some very nice moments and a few of the characters were at least believable, in general the book seems somewhat demeaning to people in small town North Carolina and has an unnecessarily sad ending. Pretty predictable, stereotypical Sparks.… (more)
LibraryThing member momma2keira
I read this and True Believer back to back. The beginning "recap" in At First Sight was a litle too much since I had just read True Believer, but would be benificial for someone who hadn't just done so. I found tha tI enjoyed this book so much more than I thought I was going to. I had to force myself not to cry while I was listening to the final chapters at work. Another Nicholas Sparks Masterpiece!… (more)
LibraryThing member spaz2011
Sparks is an awesome author and I love this plot!
LibraryThing member sharlene_w
A continuation of the story begun in "True Believer". Sparks takes imperfect characters through common problems (getting married to quickly, unplanned pregnancy, difficulties with job, etc.) weaving a story of love and friendship. What I appreciate about Sparks is that he seems to have a real understanding of the differences between the way men and women think and react to situations. The characters are not perfect and as a result, they are believable and characters you can relate to and learn from their experiences.… (more)
LibraryThing member Lenachka
Not a bad book overall, but generally follows Sparks' template plot, if you know what I mean. A good selection for an airplane trip.
LibraryThing member swilliams1203
I loved this book! I really related to the characters because they had just gotten married and were starting a family. They go through all the questions that we all have in our minds during this stage of our life. It was definitely a tear-jerker, but worth it! This is the sequel to True Believers, so make sure to read that one first!… (more)
LibraryThing member dbhutch
This story of love, lose and coping is wonderful. This is the second book to True Believer. Lexie and Jeremy have just gotten married and Lexie is expecting their first child. This book takes you thru her pregnancy, the baby being born and her dying, and leaving him with the baby, showing you how he copes and goes on. Like all of Nicholas Sparks book this is a wonderful story of love. Nicholas Sparks shows in his books how love really can be and all the ups and downs life has to offer.… (more)
LibraryThing member megstark
This book is excellent! A young couple gets married after knowing each other for a couple of weeks, expecting a baby in a couple of months. This book shows the trust and responsibility it takes to be in a marriage that works. It ends with a twist the reader would never expect! I highly recommend it to everyone!
LibraryThing member luvlylibrarian
Listened to the NLS Talking Book version for book club. Typical Nicholas Sparks. A love story with a heart-wrenching yet hopeful ending. I guessed the ending about halfway through the book, but still listened to the rest, because I love Sparks' books. Lexie and Jeremy had a whirlwind romance which led to them expecting a child and getting engaged. Most of the story deals with Jeremy's feelings about everything that is happening.… (more)
LibraryThing member SherylHendrix
A slow-moving, lazy southern tale with a compelling ending that almost makes the book seem better than I'd felt it was all along as I was reading it.
LibraryThing member Shelby_Kuzma
I guess I should have known that there was no way everything was going to work out fine, but the ending really upset me. I almost didn't read the last 10 pages because i was so upset, and I waited a day before writing this review so I could calm down.
This book would have been perfect if it had ended like 20 pages earlier. I know that Nicholas Sparks books are almost always sad, but I almost couldn't handle this one.
At First Sight is a sequel to True Believer, which I have not read. I do not think that this affected my understanding or enjoyment of the book. The plot is briefly described at the beginning and the story lines are completely separate.
Although it was very romantic and well written, it was definitely not one of my favorite Sparks books.
I don't think I would recommend this book unless you don't empathize with books very much. I do, and this book put me in a very bad mood for awhile.
In all, I thought it was good, I just didn't like the ending :/
… (more)
LibraryThing member edspicer
This book is more for girls and that if they life big surprise I would suggest it. The ending was very disappointing. I read this book because someone recommended it to me.
LibraryThing member wareagle78
Another wonderful story by Nicholas Sparks. This one is a sequal to A True Believer (I think) - following Lexie and Jeremy's love story through their courtship, into marriage and beyond. Nicely told, from Jeremy's point of view, the characters really are beautifully developed and the story engaging.
LibraryThing member berthashaver
This work of Sparks seemed a little disjointed and didn't flow very well. It was basically two plots that didn't intertwine very well for me.


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