A Cedar Cove Christmas

by Debbie Macomber

Hardcover, 2008



After a comedy of errors on Christmas Eve, a five-month pregnant woman, traveling to Cedar Cove to search for her child's father--who doesn't know she's pregnant--finds herself lodging in an apartment above a barn. The residents of Cedar Grove come to her rescue as an early labor begins.

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LibraryThing member TadAD
This Christmas tale attempts to replicate in modern times the basic story of the Nativity in just about every way except for having a divine birth. We have the young girl, Mary Jo, traveling and finding no room in the hotels. We find shelter in an apartment above a barn, surrounded by sheep, oxen, horses and a camel. We've got her brothers...three of them...last name Wyse...carrying presents of gold, incense and perfume...trying to find her. We've got all kinds of Good Samaritans acting as angels of mercy. We've even got a young child who received a drum as a present who wants to play for her.

For the first half, the book seemed like a fairly typical Christmas feel-good: a quick and easy read that wouldn't challenge the mind much. As the second half unfolded, however, it all just seemed a bit forced—nary a twist or turn in the quest to jam every Christmas vignette into the story. By the time we got to the three Wyse men navigating by following a star...err, fireworks launched outside the barn...I was glad for the book to end.
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LibraryThing member anneofia
Like Mary Higgins Clark and her daughter Carol, Debbie Macomber gives us a new Christmas story every season. All are light, spirit-lifting, and easy to read. This one is no exception. I enjoyed it!
LibraryThing member busyreadin
I envy Debbie Macombers creativity! Who else would come up with the story of Mary Josephine Wyse and the 3 Wyse brothers! Mary Josephine comes to Cedar Cove looking for the father of her unborn baby. There is an angel named Grace, a stable with a camel, donkey & sheep, and 3 Wyse men come together in a delightful story.

Very light, very enjoyable Christmas reading.… (more)
LibraryThing member cljacobson
I especially enjoyed the "3 wise guys" the suposedly helpful brothers of the main character...I greated a gift basket for our local library --with this book as the focus and a variety of Christmas items mentioned in the book to go with it,,,It was great fun and brought the library a donation of $40.!
LibraryThing member CoraJoanBurgett
Mother-to-be Mary Jo Wyse finds herself stranded in Cedar Cove WA on Christmas eve, searching for her baby's father. He isn't there. Which leaves her pregnant and alone. And there's no room as the local inn! Grace & Cliff Harding offer her a room over their stable (which houses a donkey, camel, sheep and horses to be used in the church's Nativity Pagent).
She goes into labor on Christmas Eve surrounded by caring people. Baby Noelle is born shortly thereafter her brohters (the three Wyse men!) arrive with gifts.
This is a delightful story, full of Christmas cheer, which parallels Jesus' birth. It makes you want to get to Cedar Cove on a Christmas Eve yourself!
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LibraryThing member honeydew69862004
A Cedar Cove Christmas mainly deals with Mary Jo who is pregnant with David Rhodes' baby. She comes to Cedar Cove in search of him to tell his family that she is prgnant. She meets David's step-sister Olivia, she also meets Grace who befriends her. Very predictable on how it will turn out. She will be another character that we will fallow in the next book.… (more)
LibraryThing member sunfi
The story was predictable, the characters involved were not. In typical Macomber fashion, she added folks to the growing cast. It was a decent story, around the holidays I might have liked it more.
LibraryThing member koalamom
A simply delightful Christmas story and one that as you read it you discover that you have read it somewhere before.

Mary Jo Wyse is about to have a baby and the father is nowhere to be found. She goes off to his hometown to find him and there meets some wonderful people who try and help as much as she can. It is also Christmas Eve. She had come across from Seattle on the ferry to the small town of Cedar Cove and now is much too tired to return that night but there is no room to be found anywhere. A woman who befriends her lets her stay in an apartment above the garage of her home, a garage that is currently housing some animals from a Nativity play.

Mary Jo's three brothers come looking for her and get lost and have to ask directions from a King. They see a star and well, you'll have to read the book to see what happens, but I think you can guess.
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LibraryThing member soosthemoose
Another delightful book in the series. This one was shorter timeframe and focused on one family.
LibraryThing member bremmd
Summery: Mother-to-be Mary Jo Wise arrives in Cedar Cove on Christmas Eve, searching for her baby’s father. David Rhodes had said he’d be in town. But he isn’t. Which leaves Mary Jo stranded, pregnant and alone. And there’s no room at the local inn .

So Grace Harding brings Mary Jo home to her nearby ranch. She and her husband, Cliff, have a houseful of guests but offer her a room over their stable (currently sheltering the animals—including a donkey and camel—for Cedar Cove’s Nativity pageant!)

When Mary Jo goes into labor that night, a young man named Mack McAfee, a paramedic, comes to her rescue, just as her brothers—the three Wyse men—show up in town. The people of Cedar Cove join them in celebrating the birth of baby Noel. But no one has more to celebrate than Mack. Because this Christmas brings him faith, hope and love. – debbiemacomber.com

For some reason I’ve never read Debbie Macomber. I have always meant to read her but never gotten around to it until now.I got a copy for one of the people I was Secret Santa to and it made me finally go and check out a copy from the library. A Cedar Cover Christmas is my first visit with the folks in Cedar Cove and I will be back for more soon.

With many similarities to The Christmas story-a pregnant Mary (Jo), 3 Wyse men, and a birth on Christmas Eve-this was just the story to help me feel in the holiday spirit. This was a fast read and it doesn’t require a lot of work and that’s just what I look for this time of year. The characters are all very sweet and everything works out for the best. It’s a nice story and right now I can use all the nice stories there are.
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LibraryThing member suzanne5002
Such a delightful read. The Cedar Cove series are always like that.
Such similarities to the first Christmas: the 3 Wyse men, they got lost, saw the fireworks(star),etc.
Loved it.
LibraryThing member lexxa83
Super cute Christmas story involving many of the Cedar Cove cast members. The audiobook was quite enjoyable, although I will say that Mary-Jo's naivete was a bit ridiculous, as were her brother's attitudes, but since it was a holiday tale meant to be a retelling of the Biblical Christmas story I will give the author a break on potentially unrealistic plot lines.… (more)
LibraryThing member Condorena
A Sweet story, nice for the holiday season.
LibraryThing member yschaffer
This is my least favorite so far of all the Cedar Cove books. The entire Christmas theme seemed entirely too contrived, particularly the Wyse men. I have read other Debbie Macomber Christmas books that were enjoyable. This is clearly not one of her best efforts.
LibraryThing member Dawn772
An entertaining holiday story although there was very little romance. The plot was fun and the action interesting as we discover all the similarities to the seasonal story. Mary Jo is nine months pregnant and looking for the father of her baby when she has a dizzy spell and paramedic Mack is called.
LibraryThing member mrs.wood
I really liked that Mack is a character we have previously met. I think David Rhodes is great 'bad guy' and was interested the trouble he was causing his family and others. I didn't really care for the Wyse men, and think the last part of the book felt a little forced.



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