Loves Music, Loves To Dance

by Mary Higgins Clark

Hardcover, 1991



A killer enacts a bizarre dance of death, his victims drawn from among the the women who answer his personal ads in New York's trendy weekly magazines.


½ (382 ratings; 3.6)

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LibraryThing member robble
Compelling, but as far as plots go, you read one Mary Higgins Clark, you've read them all. A very predictably plot once you've caught onto the pattern. Very enjoyable, however, and completely understandable.
LibraryThing member DSlongwhite
The protagonist is Nona Roberts, a producer of a tv network who decides to do a show on answering personal ads. She asks a lot of people she knows to answer the ads and then let her know the results. Two of these people are Erin Kelley and Darcy Scott. They answer some of the same ads. After
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answering an ad one evening and going on a date with a supposed Charles North, Erin does not come home. Her body is later found at a pier.
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LibraryThing member nolak
I believe this is Mary Higgins Clark's best book. It draws you in and you can't let go. You'll stay up all night reading it and then have a hard time sleeping. A man was shunned as a teenager by a girl who loved to dance. A personal ad that says loves music, loves to dance is a draw for his
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victims. A young woman named Darcy investigates the personals and why people do them, pulling her into the range of a murderer.
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LibraryThing member jaypee
This was suggested to me by an eBay bookseller. The book was a lot better than the first 2 books I read by Clark. There were too many suspects but they seem too obvious. Picked out the killer about midway to the book, but I kept going because I wanted to know if I was right. I was. Still, a good
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LibraryThing member sturlington
Although supposedly the “queen of suspense,” Mary Higgins Clark is an amateurish, uninteresting writer to anyone used to meatier books. She writes like a B-grade romance novelist and is sometimes so lazy that she doesn’t even complete her sentences. Her characters are two-dimensional paper
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cutouts, her plots hold no surprises but plenty of unbelievable coincidences, and everyone falls in love at the end. Unless you're a fan of dime-store romances and want to read one with a serial killer (but no sex, unfortunately), I’d recommend that you avoid this novel and everything else in Clark’s too-considerable oeuvre.
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LibraryThing member midkid88
A chilling tale about a murderer that loves to dance and take his victims with him. Once he picks his victims, he puts them in dancing shoes so they can't run away, then keeps one of the shoes a souvenir. I started this book in junior high right before the end of school so didn't get to finish it
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until years later. I'm glad I finally did because it was an excellent read.
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LibraryThing member cedes74
This was a reread. I had previously read it many years ago and found it in on my camper bookshelf. I don't often reread books, but didn't have anything new. Unfortunately, it was not nearly as enjoyable the second time around, but overall not bad. I guess you also have to take into consideration
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that the book is also 21 years old now and felt dated to me.
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LibraryThing member niquetteb
Girls were being killed through answering personal ads. But who is it that's placing which ad? Darcy is going to find out who killed her best friend Erin, even if it means taking her own life!


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