Moonlight Becomes You

by Mary Higgins Clark

Hardcover, 1996



Old people in retirement homes are dying off at an alarming rate in a murderous scam to make money from their apartments. When photographer Maggie Holloway's stepmother dies, she investigates.

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½ (246 ratings; 3.6)

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LibraryThing member bookwitch24
Very interesting mystery, and is actually a bit creepy, having a lot to do with cemeteries & burials. Definitely a good read.
LibraryThing member WillowOne
This will not be one of my normal reviews. I would normally talk about the author (just about everyone knows this one) and then a little about the book and then my opinion, but I am going straight into my opinion this time. Strangely enough this is the very first Mary Higgins Clark book I have ever
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read and while full of suspense and mystery I was constantly in character information overload. There were just too many characters to keep track of and I felt it took away from the story rather than lending to it. It is not that I will never read another of her books, like I said it was a good suspense.
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LibraryThing member TinyDancer11
A creepy, fast paced suspense. Very entertaining!
LibraryThing member frozenplums
This is right on track with Clark's best. Focusing a little more on historical macabre, the creepiness and sense of fear is always present. The romance felt a little dated, but I think because the whole book looked back on history it worked. Really loved this one!
LibraryThing member Buffy-Tinkes
Mary Higgins Clark does it again in her 16th novel. You follow Maggie Holloway from New York to Newport, Rhode Island after a whirlwind reunion with her long lost stepmother Nualla Moore. Upon her arrival however she is heartbroken to find Nualla bludgeoned to death in her own home. Could it have
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been someone she knew? does it have to do with the deaths of Nualla's close friends at Latham Mannor Retirement home? Maggie has two weeks to find her answers and hopefully not get got in the crossfire.

Excellent novel from MHC not many authors have the skill or imagination to be able to keep people coming back for more after 16 +novels. I only hope her newer novels have the same page-turning content.
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LibraryThing member askum
This was a hard book to put down when I started reading it. I thought this one was one of the better books I have read in this authors collection, can't wait to read another.
LibraryThing member TheTreeReader
I haven’t read a lot by Mary Higgins Clark but I have been reading her books since I was a kid. I have always really enjoyed the stories and I very rarely figure out the endings. So I had high expectations for this one and was somewhat disappointed.

It usually only takes me a few hours to get
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through her books, but this one took me days. It just didn’t seem like much was happening and it wasn’t that suspenseful. I still enjoyed it, but it’s probably my least favorite of the ones I’ve read by her. It might have something to do with the fact that I used to read her books when I was 10 – 13 years old. You know when you love a book or an author as a kid, and then go back as an adult and it’s just not the same? I hope that’s not what it is. I really hope it was just this one book and I enjoy whatever I read by her in the future.

Even though it was my least favorite by her, it is still worth a read if you are a fan of hers. If you’ve never read a Mary Higgins Clark book before, try one of her other books.
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Simon & Schuster (1996), Edition: 1st, 255 pages

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