High Noon

by Nora Roberts

Hardcover, 2007



Police Lieutenant Phoebe MacNamara is Savannah's top hostage negotiator, defusing powderkeg situations. Now, she must establish contact with a faceless tormentor who is determined to make her a hostage to fear, before she becomes the final showdown.

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LibraryThing member AJRyan6of7
I'm a big Nora fan, so it's no surprise that I liked this one a lot. A real page turner. Lots of suspense, but easy to read. I loved the characters. There was a bit of "Eve and Roarke" there, but not so much that I felt it was a complete ripoff of the "In Death" series.
LibraryThing member tianatune
I am a HUGE Nora Roberts fan and this book did not disappoint. What most impresses me about her writing is that I am engaged from the very first page because her stories draw you in immediately. I love how each character is so fully developed, I feel like I can picture each one and get to know their personalities like a new friend. Each character also has a unique profession that is artfully woven into the story with such detail that it is clear Ms. Roberts has put a lot of time and research into learning about her character's chosen vocation.

The main character in this book is a hostage negotiator for the police department in Savannah. She meets the love interest by talking his former bartender down from the roof of a building. I learned a lot of fascinating aspects of hostage negotiation from this book, something I never expected to be interested in. I cared about the characters right away and I loved how the central character had both a prickly and a vulnerable side to her. The climax of the book was very suspensful and the romance was crafted perfectly. Highly recommend!
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LibraryThing member anotherjennifer
Nora Roberts' latest novel, High Noon, follows Savannah police negotiator Phoebe MacNamara, a successful career woman who lives with her mother and young daughter. Despite her seemingly idyllic life, Phoebe has to contend with her mother's agoraphobia and her feelings about her own failed marriage.

After she meets the charming and wealthy Duncan, who woos Phoebe and endears himself to her family, it seems that everyone is increasingly able to put the past to rest. But their newfound stability is threatened when Phoebe is assaulted at her police station and an unknown stalker leaves ominous objects on her doorstep.

The book was suspenseful at times, with a good dose of romantic escapism thrown in, so I kind of see the appeal, but this isn't really my kind of book.
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LibraryThing member gogglemiss
Another typical Roberts story, but what the heck, I loved it, and nothing else mattered, until I finished it. The characters were appealing and appropriately thuggish and Robert's familiar family ethic reigned supreme.
Wonderful stuff.
LibraryThing member onyx95
Hostage negotiator Lieutenant Phoebe MacNamara knew at a young age what she was good at, she had seen it from the hostage point of view. Years of dedication put her on the top, and to some, a women should not be in that positon. The personal attack she found herself in made her consider all of the people in her life, her new guy Duncan Swift, she had met him just after talking one of his former employees off the ledge, her agoraphobic mother, who had refused to leave the house even though that long ago monster had been dealt with, and her daughter, that lovely seven year old. Phoebe has the strength of will, but will she find the right tactic before everything she has ever wanted is taken from her?

This story is really good, it has a lot of twists, some of them expected and some of them just great. I always enjoy Nora Roberts as a romance writer, she has added a lot of the thriller/suspense to this book that was fabulous to see mixed in. I think I fell in love with Duncan and his easy way of making everyone around him so relaxed and safe at the same time even though he really didn't do anything, Phoebe was the hero over and over again. I wanted to see Meeks say something to her in the end.
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LibraryThing member PermaSwooned
I love Nora Roberts. She is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. She writes Mystery/Romance novels, and I don't think anyone does it better. She's incredibly prolific with many, many titles to her credit. One of my favorite things about her is that she picks all kind of interesting occupations for her characters. She researches them thoroughly, so you learn things while you are reading and trying to figure out whodunnit. One of the characters always seems to fall in love rather rapidly, and the other one is somewhat resistant. She balances the tension well. In this story, the heroine is a hostage negotiator. Interesting, and very well done. Our hero won the lottery. As always, a great read.… (more)
LibraryThing member Camethyste
Sometimes I like Nora Roberts and sometimes I don't. This one I liked and enjoyed
LibraryThing member wyvernfriend
This has some aspects of the In Death series, Duncan Swift is wealthy, he won a lottery a few years ago and now spends his time really doing what he wants, a lot of that making him money. He really enjoys it when his money makes the lives of those around him better, without charity.

She's Phoebe MacNamara, a hostage negotiator who is battling a few issues. Being a lone parent, having an agoraphobic mother, being chained to her house due to a complicated will and having to fight some pretty sexist workmates.

They meet when she tries to talk down a ex-employee of Duncan's. Duncan is entranced and decides that he's going to get her into his life. She's not sure he wants to deal with all her issues.

Then to complicate things it looks like someone has it in for her, or maybe several somebodies. The story kept me guessing until the very end and I really enjoyed it.

I've seen some reviews where they didn't like the more mystery feel but I found it a good read, I actually regretted putting it down.
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LibraryThing member ForeignCircus
I picked this up in an airport bookshop last weekend, when my plane got stuck in Atlanta. High Noon wasn't a bad read and certainly kept the boredom at bay as I waited for my flight to depart, but it wasn't up to Roberts' usual standard.

The plot is laid out above and I will say that the characters were interesting by the end of the novel. Unfortunately, it seemed like two much was going on with the thriller plot to allow Roberts to flesh out the characters early enough for me to really connect. By the time we got around to Duncan's backstory I wasn't even that interested in learning about it which is a shame. Too many characters and way too many subplots made this a messy read for me; I think the bones of the plot were good, but the editor should have put this book on a diet.

I find it interesting that the problems suffered by Phoebe's mother did not get resolved in the blink of an eye through the intervention of the hero; for that alone the book probably deserves 3.5 stars.
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LibraryThing member tipsister
I'll read almost anything Nora puts out -at least her new stuff. I started reading her several years ago at the recommendation of my aunt. I'm so thankful. She consistently entertains with her trilogies and mystery romances. I finished High Noon on June 22, 2008, right before I started this blog.

In High Noon, the characters are wonderful. Phoebe is a strong single mother, who also happens to be a hostage negotiator. She is driven to keep her family safe after a turbulent childhood which left her mother confined to the house because of fear. She doesn't have much time for dating as her daughter always comes first in her life.

Duncan meets Phoebe during a crisis with one of his employees. He is wealthy yet down to earth. He works hard yet has a sense of humor and fun which he shares with his best friend's family. He's drawn to Phoebe immediately and sets about trying to get to know her better.

Phoebe is threatened by one of her fellow police officers and then strange warnings are left at her home. Someone is out to get her and make her pay for a mistake they think she made in the past. She and Duncan try to make connections while keeping their families safe. It comes to a head in a hostage situation where Phoebe's extensive training is tested.

I really enjoyed this book because I felt the characters were very real, very normal. The conversations between Phoebe and Duncan could have happened to any couple across the world. The plot was great but the characters made this book. The only thing it lacked was some sort of epilogue to tie it all up.
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LibraryThing member Darla
Assuming I get this posted in a somewhat timely manner, High Noon is the latest blockbuster from the prolific Nora Roberts.

Police Lt. Phoebe MacNamara is a hostage negotiator. She meets Duncan Swift while trying to prevent the suicide of a bartender Duncan just fired. It's love at first sight for Duncan--or at first acquaintance, anyway, because he's entranced with her strength and skill (and beauty, of course). It takes Phoebe a little longer.

Phoebe really has too much going on to think about romance, anyway: a house she can't afford but can't move out of, a mother who's severely agoraphobic and can't leave the house, a 7-year-old fashionista of a daughter... to top it off, she's training cops in rudimentary hostage negotiation, and is catching a lot of flack from one particular misogynistic but well-connected cop.

And then she's brutally attacked in the stairway of the police station, and threatening messages and dead animals start showing up on her doorstep.

Duncan, well... Duncan won the lottery a few years ago. And he owns parts of several businesses. His best friend is a lawyer, and he's adopted his friend's family as his own. Basically, he's got plenty of free time to spend acting like the perfect man.

*sigh* Yeah, we're getting to why I'm giving a new Nora Roberts book only four stars. I... you could say I'm a fan. I'm not a squeeing fangirl for Nora the way I am with Crusie or Butcher or Pratchett or Kinsale or Gaiman, but I own every single one of her books and have read most of them multiple times, I moderate an email list, used to run a fan website, did a short stint as a moderator on ADWOFF, and have been to several signings at TTP. Yeah, I'm a fan. I tend to like her books a lot.

But too many things in this book just went nowhere. Phoebe's mother's agoraphobia, for example. Okay, she has agoraphobia, she can't leave the house. It eventually gets explained why she's not doing anything about it, but then it's just left hanging there. The house is apparently completely impregnable, so there's never a worry that she'll HAVE to leave the house for her own safety, and we never find out the terms of the will, so there's never a worry that if Phoebe marries Duncan she'll lose the house. I don't consider that a spoiler--it's not a major part of the plot--I consider it fair warning.

And the romance... just wasn't. It was love admiration at first sight for Duncan (though that's better than just lust, I admit), and Phoebe just seemed to bow to the inevitable presence of Mr. Perfect in her life. There was no development of emotion between them--Phoebe just kept listing obstacles and Duncan just kept using his money and charm to remove them.

Part of that, I admit, is my own preference--I can't think of anything more boring than a "perfect" hero. Never argues, never complains, never has a thought in his head that doesn't mesh exactly with the heroine's. *yawn* I can see how this fantasy would be appealing to some people. Just not me.

Worse yet, the romance/family plot and the suspense plot really didn't overlap except only briefly. I'd expected the villain to break in or bomb or burn the house, so that there would be a point to Phoebe's mother's agoraphobia, but there wasn't. There wasn't a point to the daughter being obsessed with shoes, either, and that could have tied in so easily. There wasn't even a romantic conflict over the danger in Phoebe's job. Perfect man Duncan just calmly supported her.

The suspense plot was great, though. It kept me guessing, and I enjoyed the resolution very much.

It's as if this were two stories, loosely connected: a suspense novel, and a slice-of-life women's fiction story. I'd have preferred the suspense novel to stand alone. Cut out all the agoraphobia, and Duncan's friend's family picnics, the fashion-conscious 7-year-old (that's my own prejudice, but it got on my nerves), and the romance, such as it was. That would bring the suspense story down to 350 pages, and I'd probably have given it 5 stars.
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LibraryThing member miyurose
It amazes me that after what, 100+ books?, Nora Roberts can continue to create new characters and new storylines. Phoebe MacNamara and Duncan Swift are two of my favorites so far. I liked their easy report with each other, and the way their relationship wasn’t the big drama in the story. There was a really obvious red herring in the story, but it didn’t really take away from anything. Overall, another Nora classic!

P.S. The Lifetime movie was actually pretty decent, too. I haven’t been impressed with most of them.
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LibraryThing member dragonfairy
The book started out a little slow, but picked up pace nicely. Roberts characters are rich and deep. The characters seem like real people with real problems, and the plot is never dull. When you think that you know where the story is going, it surprises you with a different way of looking at the problem. Well worth the read.… (more)
LibraryThing member punxsygal
Police Lieutenant Phoebe McNamara is a hostage negotiator, a calling she came to after being a hostage herself as a young girl. She’s a professional and she’s good at what she does, but not every situation can come to a successful ending.
With one exception, Phoebe has the respect of her peers. Her home life includes her seven-year-old daughter and an agoraphobic mother. Duncan Swift meets Phoebe when she talks one of his employees off a rooftop. The attraction is mutual, and Phoebe, who has been committed to travelling her life solo, finds that having a loving partner can enhance life and ease some of the burdens. Then she is brutally attacked in the precinct house and disgusting messages appear on the steps of her home and life begins to take a terrifying turn. There was a blizzard near my home, but this book kept me in good company during the storm… (more)
LibraryThing member Kace
The thing with Nora Roberts is....she often has what I consider forced or awkward dialogue. Its not consistantly a way that people talk now a days...you see the phrase..."I'm going to thank you for that..." and it leaves me wanting to say to no one in particulair...just thank someone without announcing you're going to thank them. This type of dialogue is common, and it put me off reading her books for awhile...but I do encounter one of her books every now and then that intriques me, cause shes good with plot, imagination and interesting characters...who generally turn or are very horny people. This story was a good one, and the dialogue wasn't that bad, so I rated it thusly....did you like that turn of phrase?… (more)
LibraryThing member love2laf
It's very true, Roberts is always a reliable read. This had far more suspense than some of her others, and kept me turning the pages. Perfect summer read.
LibraryThing member Kaetrin
3.5 stars. Because Susan Ericksen narrates, I had some trouble with differentiating Phoebe from Eve Dallas and is it just me or did Liz Alberta sound suspiciously like Roarke? It is, however, 1 million times better than the Lifetime movie... :)
LibraryThing member sallyawolf
Have you ever loved someone or something so much that if anything happened to them you would stop at nothing to seek retribution for your loss. That is exactly what this book is about love, loss, and the power they both have over people's lives. I have to say that I loved this book from beginning to end. The best and worst part of this book is that the characters were so real that you didn't want the book to end so, when it did you were left hanging wondering about the well being of all the characters not just those in the last few pages. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes romance, suspense, and a good mystery.… (more)
LibraryThing member JenJ.
Normally I love Nora Roberts, but this was only ok for me. A little too hard core with the sexual assault scene for what I was anticipating to be a good vacation read and the ending felt really rushed. I think I may stick to her non-thriller/suspense things from here on out.
LibraryThing member Talaskat
One of my favorites that i've read by her so far. I am slowly trying to get through her books, and enjoy them all.
LibraryThing member sallyawolf
Have you ever loved someone or something so much that if anything happened to them you would stop at nothing to seek retribution for your loss. That is exactly what this book is about love, loss, and the power they both have over people's lives. I have to say that I loved this book from beginning to end. The best and worst part of this book is that the characters were so real that you didn't want the book to end so, when it did you were left hanging wondering about the well being of all the characters not just those in the last few pages. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes romance, suspense, and a good mystery.… (more)
LibraryThing member jkgrage
Well rounded three dimensional characters who I really missed after the end.
LibraryThing member Azar
Good as usual
LibraryThing member chrissywest
I was really looking forward to reading High Noon. I always can expect a well written, and well research novel from Nora Roberts. And she didn’t disappoint me.The most positive aspect of the book was the characters. I am always amazed at the depth Nora puts into them. Phoebe was a strong, independant woman, trying to balance a sucessful career and a family. She was a character that any woman would admire. I really enjoyed Duncan and Phoebe’s love story. They had tons of chemistry, but it was a natural chemistry. It was not rushed or forced. This just made their relationship seem more real life. Another really strong character in this novel, even though she was only in a few chapters was Detective Liz Alberta. I would love to see her featured in one of Nora’s future books.The only fault I found with the book was the ending. I thought it was rushed. I didn’t have that satisfying feeling when I closed the book. Overall, another excellent novel from Nora. Now I can sit back and wait for the next one.… (more)


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