Murder For Christmas

by Various

Other authorsGahan Wilson (Illustrator), Thomas Godfrey (Editor)
Hardcover, 1982



Ah, the pleasures of Christmas: the hanging of lights, the traditional feasts, the gathering of families, and... a bit of murder, conspiracy, and theft. The holiday season seems to inspire the imagination of the best mystery writers, and their talents shine here in these delightful tales of Yuletide crime. In this busiest of seasons, seize a few hours to enjoy a sleigh- or slay--full of mysterious treasures, served with the finest of flair. - " Death on Christmas Eve" by Stanley Ellin: A lawyer visits his reclusive clients on Christmas Eve. - " The Necklace of Pearls" by Dorothy L. Sayers: Traditional party games in a fine old manor house are interrupted by the disappearance of family treasures. - " The Case Is Altered" by Margery Allingham: In the shadows of a country estate aquiver with Christmas bustle, Mr. Albert Campion discerns activity that could be young love...or blackmail. - " Cambric Tea" by Marjorie Bowen: An unpleasant aristocrat swears that his wife is poisoning him- and demands the intervention of a young doctor. - " The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The game is afoot! And the world's greatest consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes, is on the trail of the diamond thief who's hidden his booty in a Christmas goose. - " The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding" by Agatha Christie: Persuaded to enjoy the pleasures of an old-fashioned English country Christmas, Hercule Poirot soon goes on the trail of a rare and priceless ruby. - " Death on Air" by Ngaio Marsh: Septimus Tonks has been found dead of electrocution on Christmas morning. Chief Detective, Inspector Roderick Alleyn, must determine whether it's an accident, a suicide...or murder. - " Back for Christmas" by John Collier: Hermione Carpenter manages everything beautifully and has promised to bring her husband, the doctor, back to England for Christmas- but he has other plans....… (more)


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User reviews

LibraryThing member MrsLee
I find it very difficult to find a collection of short mystery stories with more than one or two which I enjoy in it. This book exceeded my expectations, but then it was full of stories from authors I love. There were some I had not read, however, and of those I will pursue at least three to see if
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I enjoy their longer works. In addition to the stories, the introduction written by Thomas Godfrey was delightful. The illustrations and interesting Christmas "facts" between tales made for much amusement. All in all, a great Christmas read.
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LibraryThing member Kaethe
It's a rare book that takes me 387 days to complete. I got it after Christmas last year, read the first story (an old favorite) and then put it aside in favor or other books until I broke out the yuletide books this year.

And I don't have the book with me, nor can I find the contents online, so this
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is somewhat worthless as a meaningful consideration.

So, with that carton of salt: some of the stories hold up very well, some do not hold up at all*, although the writers are an impeccable group. There is a strong emphasis on British Country House murders, which I find charming. Some of the Gahan Wilson cartoons make no sense because they are so poorly reproduced, others are clear and morbidly funny.

It's an uneven collection, but for whatever reason I like my holiday full of blood and mayhem (Die Hard is so a Christmas film, and one of the best!)

*I'm looking at you, Nero Wolfe. Gah!

Personal copy.
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LibraryThing member vickimarie2002
I finally read this whole book!! I have probably owned it for 25 years. My mom got this for me when I was about 10 or so and it was too much for me. The stories were written around the 30’s or earlier and a lot of English authors. Some of them were still hard for me to focus on but there were
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also some really good stories. It was a fun way to celebrate the Christmas holiday. I read it like an advent calendar.
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